Bo-Bo’s Cave of Gold

California, 1852, the Gold Rush. A golden, big-hearted mutt is abandoned by her pack. She is about to give up hope when a silly bird squawks her out of her sadness and leads her to Sheng, a young prospector. Sheng names her Bo-Bo, the Chinese word for treasure, and they soon become inseparable

Threatened by the Foreign Miner’s Tax and a villainous tax collector, the family finds itself in danger of losing all they have. To save them, Bo-Bo Sheng must brave rattlesnakes, rivers, and her old pack to find a legendary treasure. Her adventure leads her and her beloved Sheng across the foothills on a path loaded with danger. Can Bo-Bo and Sheng find the cave of gold in time?

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Filigree’s Midnight Ride

Join Filigree, a five-pound Pomeranian, as he stows away on Paul Revere’s midnight ride in this first book of the At the Heels of History series, inspired by important events and told through the eyes, ears, and noses of dogs.

Filigree may be a small puff of a Pomeranian but he has a big, brave heart. As the Revere family dog, he’s ready to do his part to help the American colonists stand up to the British soldiers. But the other dogs, like Jove, Sam Adams’s Newfoundland, and even the Revere cat, Anvil, think Filigree is a joke. The Reveres’ daughter Frances is the only one who believes in him.

When Frances’s father, Paul Revere, leaves home on a secret mission, Filigree and Frances know they have to help, no matter how dangerous it might be. Will a pint-sized pup just be in the way, or can Filigree prove that even a very small dog can fight for freedom?

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